Shawn Ayers – Runner-Up at Radial Fest, Runs 4.47!

Shawn Ayers went to Radial Fest 2K14 at Huntsville Dragway with one thing on his mind – turn his season around. After a tough 2014 campaign with learning his new engine combination, Ayers vowed to have some surprises for everybody at Huntsville on Halloween weekend. Well, he was right. When they unloaded the Southern Speed-tuned, ProLine Racing-powered X275 Ford Mustang and rolled onto Huntsville’s all concrete surface prepped by “The Dream Team,” Ayers blasted the X275 world and popped a 4.47 elapsed time on the boards in pre-race testing! After qualifying, Ayers stood in the #2 position right behind the X275 juggernaut of Rich Bruder and Bruder Brothers Racing.

Both tough competitors battled through their side of the ladder to meet in the final round of eliminations. The world’s two quickest X275 cars sitting on the starting line building boost and banging off the chip was an unreal situation to stand back and watch. Bruder blasted to his fourth 4.46 of the event to take the win over Shawn’s 4.51. We are very proud to be a part of Shawn’s race team. We have done most of the work on his car and all of the products that he runs can be purchased through us at Southern Speed Racing.

We’re looking forward to a very competitive 2015 season with Shawn’s car and what a great way to end the year for SRA Racing.

Shawn would like to thank his sponsors: ProLine Racing, Precision Turbo, Speedwire Systems, PTC, FuelTech and Southern Speed Racing!.

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